BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dnscurve_detectionupdated ciscript to package including manpagerexxnor3 years
experimentalcheck for empty record data with existing labelrexxnor2 years
fixrenamed project to ascensionrexxnor3 years
masterremoved gitlab CI for now as it is brokenrexxnor2 years
newfixadded gitignore and READMErexxnor3 years
systemdunitadded correct unit filerexxnor3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-26removed gitlab CI for now as it is brokenHEADmasterrexxnor
2020-04-26refactored argument parsing and updated man page accordinglyrexxnor
2019-06-30added some performance metrics and prevented transferring zone twicerexxnor
2019-06-29changed run to Popen for async processing, fixed zone creation bugrexxnor
2019-06-27moved misplaced logic in configure script to postinst scriptrexxnor
2019-06-22fixed a few bugs and prepared root migrationrexxnor
2019-06-15added privkey env if availablerexxnor
2019-06-13fixed bug in manpagerexxnor
2019-06-10fixed bug that caused adding of GNS2DNS record for zone to migrate, repackagedrexxnor
2019-06-10updated python3-ascensionrexxnor