BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dev/schanzen/reorgrenameMartin Schanzenbach16 months
masterEDKEY: derived private key clamping fixed.Bernd Fix4 months
v0.1.42commit e6d51d271f...Bernd Fix4 months
v0.1.41commit 920de01ad2...Bernd Fix5 months
v0.1.40commit 5ea40b971a...Bernd Fix10 months
v0.1.39commit 1a7284815b...Bernd Fix13 months
v0.1.38commit 30f8a148ff...Bernd Fix13 months
v0.1.37commit bcc6ce0be0...Bernd Fix13 months
v0.1.36commit 6ed1dfac9e...Bernd Fix13 months
nlnet-r5n-auditcommit 915c050130...Bernd Fix15 months
v0.1.34commit 915c050130...Bernd Fix15 months
v0.1.33commit 3cee953814...Bernd Fix15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-07-20EDKEY: derived private key clamping fixed.HEADv0.1.42masterBernd Fix
2023-07-04crypto/gns: fixed serialization of ZonePrivate. Updated tests.v0.1.41Bernd Fix
2023-06-30Updated GANA defintions.Bernd Fix
2023-06-29RFC test vectors: adjusted code and test cases with latest version.Bernd Fix
2023-01-24Changes based on security audit "ngie-gnunetr5n".v0.1.40Bernd Fix
2022-11-11Plugin integration (ZoneMaster)v0.1.39Bernd Fix
2022-11-11Namestore and identity service integrated.v0.1.38Bernd Fix
2022-10-26Identity service added to zone master.v0.1.37Bernd Fix
2022-10-24Added 'stringer' dependency for 'go generate'.Bernd Fix
2022-10-22Initial revision of Zonemaster implementation.v0.1.36Bernd Fix