BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dhtexamples/web: Display UTF-8 keys and data as text.Maxime Devos7 weeks
masterNEWS: Document NSE bug fix regarding NaN as standard deviation.Maxime Devos2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-09-22NEWS: Document NSE bug fix regarding NaN as standard deviation.HEADmasterMaxime Devos
2021-09-22tests/network-size: Verify +nan.0 and +inf.0 are allowed as stddev.Maxime Devos
2021-09-22nse/client: Allow NaN as standard deviation.Maxime Devos
2021-09-21Update copyright notices.Maxime Devos
2021-09-21Rewrite git history to sign every commit.Maxime Devos
2021-09-21build: Always auto-compile tests.Maxime Devos
2021-09-21guix: Correct installation location.Maxime Devos
2021-09-21build: Correct invocation of texmacs and xvfb-run.Maxime Devos
2021-09-21guix: Set the source field.Maxime Devos
2021-09-21Stub config.rpath.Maxime Devos