BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bytevector-slicesexamples/web: Remove unused procedure 'slice-copy'.Maxime Devos5 months
dhtexamples/web: Display UTF-8 keys and data as text.Maxime Devos16 months
fsfs/client: New client code.Maxime Devos5 months
keyring(Re)Start keyring branchMaxime Devos12 months
masterutils/records: Raise &missing-capabilities exceptions.Maxime Devos3 days
racket-portdoc: Abandon the Racket port for now because of complications.Maxime Devos5 months
server-unificationNEWS: Update.Maxime Devos5 months
v0.3commit bf87f7d1c2...Maxime Devos5 months
v0.2commit 38c1a3f631...Maxime Devos12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysutils/records: Raise &missing-capabilities exceptions.HEADmasterMaxime Devos
3 daysdoc/cadet: Simplify cadet address documentation with a reference to cisw.Maxime Devos
3 daysdoc/typeclasses: Document cisw types.Maxime Devos
4 dayshashcode: Define equality procedures.Maxime Devos
7 daysrecords: New API for record types, specialised to bytevector slices.Maxime Devos
7 daystests/util: Ignore location of slices.Maxime Devos
2023-01-15bv-slice: Add procedure for comparing slices.Maxime Devos
2023-01-07fs/struct: Add missing field 'signature' of /:msg:fs:response-loc-signature.Maxime Devos
2022-12-29Define 'construct' macro for making bytevector slices.Maxime Devos
2022-12-20fs/network: Fix argument order of 'construct-request-loc-signature'.Maxime Devos