BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
gc-adjust2Let's turn this into a proper operation that can be moved into Guile Fibers.Maxime Devos4 months
gc-adjustLet's turn this into a proper operation that can be moved into Guile Fibers.Maxime Devos5 months
masterdoc: Propose how to write (gnu gnunet ... struct) modules.Maxime Devos7 months
bytevector-slicesexamples/web: Remove unused procedure 'slice-copy'.Maxime Devos17 months
fsfs/client: New client code.Maxime Devos18 months
server-unificationNEWS: Update.Maxime Devos18 months
racket-portdoc: Abandon the Racket port for now because of complications.Maxime Devos18 months
keyring(Re)Start keyring branchMaxime Devos2 years
dhtexamples/web: Display UTF-8 keys and data as text.Maxime Devos2 years
v0.3gnunet-scheme-0.3.tar.gz  gnunet-scheme-0.3.zip  Maxime Devos18 months
v0.2gnunet-scheme-0.2.tar.gz  gnunet-scheme-0.2.zip  Maxime Devos2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-07-24doc: Propose how to write (gnu gnunet ... struct) modules.HEADmasterMaxime Devos
2023-07-02doc/service-communication: Fix description of #:control-message-handler.Maxime Devos
2023-07-02tests/file-sharing: Test response-loc-signature round-tripping.Maxime Devos
2023-07-02Implement <search-result> as a cisw type.Maxime Devos
2023-03-21dht/client: Implement <query> as a cisw type.Maxime Devos
2023-03-21doc/distributed-hash-table: Fix oject -> object typo.Maxime Devos
2023-03-04dht/client: Use #:constructor-keyword-arguments instead of wrapping.Maxime Devos
2023-03-04records: Correct constructor->constructor*.Maxime Devos
2023-03-04dht/client: Fix typo in <insertion> field name.Maxime Devos
2023-03-04records: Correct calling convention for constructor.Maxime Devos