BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dev/marshall/quictransport (quic): handle reading data from socketmarshall3 days
dev/thejackimonster/messengerMerge branch 'master' of ssh:// months
dev/trizuz/did- non zero exit code on failed resolveTristan Schwieren6 months
dev/trizuz/siop- finished test for signature rest endpointTristan Schwieren9 months
dev/willow/doxygen-Moved warnings file and out of repo in preparation for cleanupWillow Liquorice9 months
dev/willow/doxygen_comments-DOC: Second pass through DATASTOREWillow Liquorice9 months
dev/willow/doxygen_comments2-DOC: Tweak to doxyfile: INTERACTIVE_SVG = NO -> YESWillow Liquorice8 months
dev/willow/gnunet_temp-Replaced several hardcoded /tmp locations in tests of CORE, FS, IDENTITY, NA...Willow Liquorice9 months
dev/willow/gnunet_temp_sh_py-Removed references to explicit /tmp in test scripts and configurations in DH...Willow Liquorice8 months
masterNEWS: Improve PQ API documentation.Martin Schanzenbach12 days
v0.19.4commit a663353533...Martin Schanzenbach8 weeks
v0.19.3-debian-1commit ff3aa3b381...Florian Dold2 months
v0.19.3-debiancommit 7127d95880...Christian Grothoff3 months
v0.19.3commit b2f9db3b8f...Martin Schanzenbach4 months
v0.19.2-1commit f9773ea41a...Christian Grothoff4 months
v0.19.2commit 23ba3b90bf...Martin Schanzenbach5 months
v0.19.1commit 174e3ed585...Martin Schanzenbach5 months
v0.19.0commit 6bebc94d2c...Martin Schanzenbach6 months
v0.18.1-debcommit 145a04e3ac...Christian Grothoff7 months
v0.18.1commit 25aec52549...Martin Schanzenbach7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-10-27initial, not yet working
2019-10-27doc/man: create better rules for texi2mdoc.ng0
2019-10-27configure: Add TODO, add MariaDB to a message.ng0
2019-10-27make uncrustify silent.ng0
2019-10-27impove make pretty nesting.ng0
2019-10-27doc/man: Remove duplicate EXTRA_DIST entry for .7ng0
2019-10-27Merge branch 'master' of
2019-10-27add dist_bootstrap, so far compiles texi2mdoc and gives advice onng0
2019-10-27update changelogSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-10-26Merge branch 'master' of