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@section RPS Subsystem
In literature, Random Peer Sampling (RPS) refers to the problem of
-reliably drawing random samples from an unstructured p2p network.
+reliably@footnote{Reliable in the sense of having no bias, neigther
+spatial, nor spatial nor through malicious activity.} drawing random
+samples from an unstructured p2p network.
Doing so in a reliable manner is not only hard because of inherent
problems but also because of possible malicious peers that could try to
@@ -8871,8 +8873,9 @@ of random peers in the whole network like gathering statistics,
spreading and aggregating information in the network, load balancing and
overlay topology management.
-The approach chosen in the RPS service implementation in GNUnet follows the
-Brahms@uref{\#2009_5f0} design.
+The approach chosen in the RPS service implementation in GNUnet follows
+the @uref{\#2009_5f0, Brahms}
The current state is "work in progress". There are a lot of things that
need to be done, primarily finishing the experimental evaluation and a