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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ always welcome.
* First steps - Using the GNUnet VPN::
* File-sharing::
* The GNU Name System::
-* reclaim::
+* re@:claim Identity Provider::
* Using the Virtual Public Network::
@end menu
@@ -1791,8 +1791,8 @@ is thus advisable to disable the namecache by setting the
option ``DISABLE'' to ``YES'' in section ``[namecache]''.
-@node reclaim
-@section re:claim Identity Provider
+@node re@:claim Identity Provider
+@section re@:claim Identity Provider
The re:claim Identity Provider (IdP) is a decentralized IdP service.
It allows its users to manage and authorize third parties to access their identity attributes such as email or shipping addresses.
@@ -1801,13 +1801,13 @@ It basically mimics the concepts of centralized IdPs, such as those offered by G
Like other IdPs, re:claim features an (optional) OpenID-Connect 1.0-compliant protocol layer that can be used for websites to integrate re:claim as an Identity Provider with little effort.
-* reclaim-Attributes::
-* reclaim-Authorization::
-* reclaim-Revocation::
-* reclaim-OpenID::
+* Managing Attributes::
+* Sharing Attributes with Third Parties::
+* Revoking Authorizations of Third Parties::
+* Using the OpenID-Connect IdP::
@end menu
-@node reclaim-Attributes
+@node Managing Attributes
@subsection Managing Attributes
Before adding attributes to an identity, you must first create an ego:
@@ -1834,7 +1834,7 @@ $ gnunet-idp -e "username" -D
Currently, and by default, attribute values are interpreted as plain text.
In the future there might be more value types such as X.509 certificate credentials.
-@node reclaim-Authorization
+@node Sharing Attributes with Third Parties
@subsection Sharing Attributes with Third Parties
If you want to allow a third party such as a website or friend to access to your attributes (or a subset thereof) execute:
@@ -1864,7 +1864,7 @@ $ gnunet-idp -e "friend" -T (TODO there is only a REST API for this ATM)
@end example
-@node reclaim-Revocation
+@node Revoking Authorizations of Third Parties
@subsection Revoking Authorizations of Third Parties
If you want to revoke the access of a third party to your attributes you can execute:
@@ -1878,7 +1878,7 @@ Please note that if the third party has previously accessed the attribute, there
As such, only access to updated data in the future can be revoked.
This behaviour is _exactly the same_ as with other IdPs.
-@node reclaim-OpenID
+@node Using the OpenID-Connect IdP
@subsection Using the OpenID-Connect IdP
TODO: Document setup and REST endpoints