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@@ -37,13 +37,27 @@ The mandatory libraries and applications are
@item libnss
@item libunistring
@item gettext
-@item glibc
+@item glibc (read below, other libcs should work)
@item libgmp
@item gnutls
@item libcurl (has to be linked to GnuTLS) or libgnurl
@item zlib
@end itemize
+Glibc is required for certain NSS features:
+One mechanism of integrating GNS with legacy applications via NSS is
+not available if this is disabled. But applications that don't use the
+glibc for NS resolution won't work anyway with this, so little is lost
+on BSD systems.
+GNS via direct use or via the HTTP or DNS proxies is unaffected.
+@end example
+Other libcs should work, the resulting builds just don't include the
+glibc NSS specific code. One example is the build against NetBSD's libc
+as detailed in @uref{}.
In addition GNUnet needs one of of these three databases
@itemize @bullet
@item sqlite + libsqlite (the default, requires no further configuration)