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@@ -241,6 +241,8 @@ PROBLEM GROUP 6 (FS-APIs):
saves to disk on shutdown)
* FILENAME metadata is killed by ECRS/FSUI to avoid
exposing HOME, but what if the user set it manually?
+* The DHT was a generic data structure with no
+ support for ECRS-style block validation
* Eliminate threads from FS-APIs
@@ -249,6 +251,10 @@ SOLUTION:
* Have API to manipulate sharing tree before
upload; have auto-construction modify FILENAME
but allow user-modifications afterwards
+* DHT API was extended with a BLOCK API for content
+ validation by block type; validators for FS and
+ DHT block types were written; BLOCK API is also
+ used by gap routing code.
PROBLEM GROUP 7 (User experience):
@@ -258,20 +264,34 @@ PROBLEM GROUP 7 (User experience):
creates thousands of search results for the mime-type keyword
(problem with DB performance, network transmission, caching,
end-user display, etc.)
+* Users that wanted to share important content had no way to
+ tell the system to replicate it more; replication was also
+ inefficient (this desired feature was sometimes called
+ "power" publishing or content pushing)
-SOLUTION (draft, not done yet, details missing...):
-* Canonicalize keywords (see suggestion on mailinglist end of
- June 2009: keep consonants and sort those alphabetically);
- while I think we must have an option to disable this feature
- (for more private sharing), I do think it would make a reasonable
- default
+* Have option to canonicalize keywords (see suggestion on mailinglist end of
+ June 2009: keep consonants and sort those alphabetically); not
+ fully implemented yet
* When sharing directories, extract keywords first and then
push keywords that are common in all files up to the
directory level; when processing an AND-ed query and a directory
is found to match the result, do an inspection on the metadata
of the files in the directory to possibly produce further results
- (requires downloading of the directory in the background)
+ (requires downloading of the directory in the background);
+ needs more testing
+* A desired replication level can now be specified and is tracked
+ in the datastore; migration prefers content with a high
+ replication level (which decreases as replicase are created)
+ => datastore format changed; we also took out a size field
+ that was redundant, so the overall overhead remains the same
+* Peers with a full disk (or disabled migration) can now notify
+ other peers that they are not interested in migration right
+ now; as a result, less bandwidth is wasted pushing content
+ to these peers (and replication counters are not generally
+ decreased based on copies that are just discarded; naturally,
+ there is still no guarantee that the replicas will stay
+ available)