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README: gentoo overlay does not provide binaries
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@@ -129,10 +129,9 @@ binary packages
We recommend to use binary packages provided by your Operating System's
package manager. GNUnet is reportedly available for at least:
-Gentoo (via the 'youbroketheinternet' overlay), GNU Guix, Nix,
-Debian, ALT Linux, Archlinux, Deepin, Devuan, Hyperbola, Kali Linux,
-LEDE/OpenWRT, Manjaro, Parabola, Pardus, Parrot, PureOS, Raspbian,
-Rosa, Trisquel, and Ubuntu.
+GNU Guix, Nix, Debian, ALT Linux, Archlinux, Deepin, Devuan, Hyperbola,
+Kali Linux, LEDE/OpenWRT, Manjaro, Parabola, Pardus, Parrot, PureOS,
+Raspbian, Rosa, Trisquel, and Ubuntu.
If GNUnet is available for your Operating System and it is missing,
send us feedback so that we can add it to this list. Furthermore, if
@@ -178,18 +177,22 @@ mantainer for an Operating System we invite you to add your notes if
you feel it is necessary and can not be covered in your Operating
System's documentation.
-Some Operating Systems currently require you to build GNUnet from
If you are building GNUnet from source you are either interested
in furthering its development (we have further notes for developer
-builds in our 'GNUnet Developer Handbook') or your Operating System
-simply lacks support for a binary package at the moment.
+builds in our 'GNUnet Developer Handbook') or you don't trust other
+people's binaries or your Operating System doesn't provide any
+binary package (at the moment).
+If you're on Gentoo you can build GNUnet using the recipes provided
+in the 'youbroketheinternet' overlay. Other Operating Systems may
+unintentionally require you to build GNUnet from source.
Two prominent examples which currently lack cross-compilation
support in GNUnet (and native binaries) are MS Windows and Apple macOS.
For macOS we recommend you to do the build process via Homebrew and a
-recent XCode installation.
-Compilation for MS Windows can ...
+recent XCode installation. We don't recommend using GNUnet with any
+recent MS Windows system as it officially spies on its users (according
+to its T&C), defying some of the purposes of GNUnet.
Note that some functions of GNUnet require "root" access. GNUnet will
install (tiny) SUID binaries for those functions is you run "make