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-You can compile GNUnet with
+Please make sure that you have created a user and group 'gnunet'
+and additionally a group 'gnunetdns'. Then, you can compile GNUnet
-now. After that, run (if necessary as 'root')
+After that, run (if necessary as 'root')
make install
-to install everything. You may want to create a new user account
-to run the GNUnet service:
- adduser gnunet
-You also need to create an configuration file that should
-specify the path where GNUnet should store data. For example,
-you could store in "/etc/gnunet.conf" the following lines:
-SERVICEHOME = /var/lib/gnunet
-DEFAULTCONFIG = /etc/gnunet.conf
-Now, in order to start your peer, run as the 'gnunet' user
+to install everything.
+Then, in order to start your peer, run as the 'gnunet' user
+ mkdir $HOME/.gnunet/
+ touch $HOME/.gnunet/gnunet.conf
gnunet-arm -s
-Each GNUnet user should also create an (at least initially) empty
-configuration file:
+Each GNUnet user should also be added to the 'gnunet' group (may
+require fresh login to come into effect) and create an (at least
+initially) empty configuration file:
mkdir $HOME/.gnunet/
touch $HOME/.gnunet/gnunet.conf