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gnunet-qr: Update documentation and scripts to changed dependencies.
Requirement python-zbar is gone, and thus the requirement for Python 2.7. Instead development package for libzbar is required now.
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diff --git a/contrib/vagrant/ b/contrib/vagrant/
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--- a/contrib/vagrant/
+++ b/contrib/vagrant/
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ apt-get -y install zlib1g-dev
# optional for gnunet-conversation
# apt-get -y install libpulse-dev libopus-dev libogg-dev gstreamer1.0
# optional for gnunet-qr
-apt-get -y install python-zbar
+apt-get -y install libzbar-dev
# optional for experimental code
apt-get -y install libglpk-dev