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adding --enable-taler-wallet configure option to build a reduced version of libgnunetutil with only the parts needed by GNU Taler wallets
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@@ -47,12 +47,29 @@ gnunet-identity -C private-zone $options
# Additionally, we create the FS SKS zone
gnunet-identity -C sks-zone $options
-# Integrate those with the respective subsystems.
+#### Integrate those with the respective subsystems ####
+# Zone for shortening by gns-proxy,
+# (remove this entry to disable shortening)
gnunet-identity -e short-zone -s gns-short $options
+# Default zone for 'gnunet-gns' lookups
gnunet-identity -e master-zone -s gns-master $options
+# Default zone for 'gnunet-namestore' operations
gnunet-identity -e master-zone -s namestore $options
+# Use master-zone for GNS proxy lookups
gnunet-identity -e master-zone -s gns-proxy $options
+# Use master-zone for intercepted DNS queries
+# (remove this entry to disable DNS interception by GNS service)
+gnunet-identity -e master-zone -s gns-intercept $options
+# 'gns-private' is not yet used (!)
gnunet-identity -e private-zone -s gns-private $options
+# 'fs-sks' default ego for gnunet-fs-gtk namespace operations
gnunet-identity -e sks-zone -s fs-sks $options
# Get the public keys as strings (so we can create PKEY records)