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@@ -3895,7 +3895,7 @@ connecting to NATed peers using ICMP method" box.
@node Peer configuration for distributions
-@subsubsection Peer configuration for distributions
+@subsection Peer configuration for distributions
The "GNUNET_DATA_HOME" in "[path]" in /etc/gnunet.conf should be manually set
to "/var/lib/gnunet/data/" as the default "~/.local/share/gnunet/" is probably
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@@ -229,10 +229,6 @@ routing but imposes no minimal requirements on cover traffic. It is possible
to forego anonymity when this is not required. The anonymity level of 0
allows GNUnet to use more efficient, non-anonymous routing.
-* How file-sharing achieves Anonymity:
-@end menu
@node How file-sharing achieves Anonymity
@subsubsection How file-sharing achieves Anonymity
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@@ -92,8 +92,8 @@ country of origin (if determined) and address information. If hardly any peers
are listed and/or if there are very few peers with a green light for
connectivity, there is likely a problem with your network configuration.
-@node First steps: File-sharing
-@section First steps: File-sharing
+@node First steps - File-sharing
+@section First steps - File-sharing
@c %**end of header
This chapter describes first steps for file-sharing with GNUnet. To start, you