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documentation: philosophy: Add link to "An Excess-Based Economic Model for Resource Allocation in Peer-to-Peer Networks" paper.
This is temporary as we shouldn't rely on links which could be broken in the future. Best case solutions: 1. bundle all papers in gnunet repository 2. create a dedicated repository which holds all the papers and publications.
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@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ request a (possibly lower) effective priority. Then, they drop the requests
with the lowest effective priority to satisfy their resource constraints. This
way, GNUnet's economic model ensures that nodes that are not currently
considered to have a surplus in contributions will not be served if the
-network load is high. More details can be found in this paper.
+network load is high. More details can be found in @uref{, this paper}.
@node Confidentiality
@subsection Confidentiality