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@node Contributing to GNUnet
@section Contributing to GNUnet
+@cindex licenses
+@cindex licenses of contributions
@node Licenses of contributions
@section Licenses of contributions
GNUnet is a @uref{, GNU} package.
All code contributions must thus be put under the
-@uref{, GNU Public License (GPL)}.
+@uref{, GNU Affero Public License (AGPL)}.
All documentation should be put under FSF approved licenses
(see @uref{, fdl}).
@@ -40,7 +42,7 @@ rights, and in particular is allowed to dual-license the code. You
retain non-exclusive rights to your contributions, so you can also
share your contributions freely with other projects.
-GNUnet e.V. will publish all accepted contributions under the GPLv3
+GNUnet e.V. will publish all accepted contributions under the AGPLv3
or any later version. The association may decide to publish
contributions under additional licenses (dual-licensing).