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contributing: Adjust note on prefered test languages. Remove footnote section as it is prefered to not have footnotes at all.
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@@ -85,11 +85,6 @@ URLs break in the PDF output when they contain linebreaks.
@c We do this and the other thing. This is done by foo.
@c @end example
-@item Use @@footnote@{@} instead of putting an @@*ref@{@} to the
-footnote on a collected footnote-page.
-In a 200+ pages handbook it's better to have footnotes accessible
-without having to skip over to the end.
@end itemize
@node Contributing testcases
@@ -99,7 +94,9 @@ In the core of gnunet, we restrict new testcases to a small subset
of languages, in order of preference:
@item C
-@item Bash (preferable portable without too much specifics to Bash)
+@item Portable Shell Scripts
+@item Bash Scripts
+@c Nim ?
@item Python (@geq{}3.6)
@end enumerate