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@@ -75,11 +75,11 @@ git installed) or as an archive.
Using git type
-git clone
+git clone
@end example
The archive can be found at
-@uref{}. Extract it using a graphical
+@uref{}. Extract it using a graphical
archive tool or @code{tar}:
tar xzvf gnunet-0.11.0pre66.tar.gz
@@ -1708,7 +1708,7 @@ will take the serial as a reference point and request the zone. The server will
either answer the IXFR request with a correct incremental zone or with the
entire zone, which depends on the server configuration.
-You can find the source code here: @code{}
+You can find the source code here: @code{}
The software can be installed into a Python virtual environment like this: