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@@ -116,17 +116,24 @@ running @code{configure} the following options can be specified to
customize the compilation and installation process:
@itemize @bullet
-@item @code{--disable-documentation} - don't build the configuration documents
+@item @code{--disable-documentation} - don't build the documentation
@item @code{--enable-looging=[LOGLEVEL]} - choose a loglevel (@code{debug}, @code{info}, @code{warning} or @code{error})
@item @code{--prefix=[PATH]} - the directory where the GNUnet libraries and binaries will be installed
@item @code{--with-extractor=[PATH]} - the path to libextractor
@item @code{--with-libidn=[PATH]} - the path to libidn
+@item @code{--with-libidn2=[PATH]} - the path to libidn2 (takes priority over libidn if both are found)
@item @code{--with-microhttpd=[PATH]} - the path to libmicrohttpd
@item @code{--with-sqlite=[PATH]} - the path to libsqlite
@item @code{--with-zlib=[PATH]} - the path to zlib
@item @code{--with-sudo=[PATH]} - path to the sudo binary (no need to run @code{make install} as root if specified)
@end itemize
+Note that the list above is not always up to date and you
+should check the output of @code{./configure --help}, read
+the @file{} or send an email asking for assistance
+if you are in doubt of any configure options or require fixes
+for your operating system.
The following example configures the installation prefix
@code{/usr/lib} and disables building the documentation