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doc/man/5,1: in SEE ALSO mention that the main documentation is maintained in texinfo format as well as two optional section 7 manuals.
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Report bugs by using Mantis <> or by sending electronic mail to <gnunet\>
\fBgnunet\-gns\fP(1), \fBgnunet\-namestore\fP(1)
+The full documentation for
+.B gnunet
+is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the
+.B info
+.B gnunet
+programs are properly installed at your site, the command
+.B info gnunet
+should give you access to the complete handbook,
+.B info gnunet-c-tutorial
+will give you access to a tutorial for developers.
+Depending on your installation, this information is also
+available in
+\fBgnunet\fP(7) and \fBgnunet-c-tutorial\fP(7).