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.Op Fl e Ar NAME | Fl \-ego= Ns Ar NAME
.Op Fl h | \-help
.Op Fl m | \-monitor
+.Op Fl p | \-private-keys
.Op Fl q | \-quiet
.Op Fl s Ar SUBSYSTEM | Fl \-set= Ns Ar SUBSYSTEM
.Op Fl V | \-verbose
@@ -75,6 +76,8 @@ Run in monitor mode, listing all ouf our egos until CTRL-C is pressed.
Each ego is listed together with a unique pointer value; if
egos are renamed, that pointer value remains the same,
if egos are deleted, they are listed one more time with a name of "<null>".
+.It Fl p | \-private-keys
+Print the private keys (in Crockford Base32 encoding), and not just the public keys.
.It Fl q | \-quiet
Be quiet, in particular outputs only the public key when listing egos.
.It Fl s Ar SUBSYSTEM | Fl \-set= Ns Ar SUBSYSTEM