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.Nm gnunet-scrypt
-manipulate GNUnet proof of work files
+.Nd manipulate GNUnet proof of work files
.Op Fl b Ar BITS | Fl \-bits= Ns Ar BITS
@@ -46,11 +45,15 @@ is a command line tool to manipulate GNUnet proof of work files.
.It Fl b Ar BITS | Fl \-bits= Ns Ar BITS
Number of bits to require for the proof of work.
.It Fl c Ar FILENAME | Fl \-config= Ns Ar FILENAME
-Use the configuration file FILENAME.
+Use the configuration file
.It Fl h | \-help
Print short help on options.
.It Fl k Ar FILENAME | Fl \-keyfile= Ns Ar FILENAME
-File with private key, otherwise default is used.
+as the file with private key, otherwise the default
+private key file is used.
.It Fl L Ar LOGLEVEL | Fl \-loglevel= Ns Ar LOGLEVEL
Use LOGLEVEL for logging.
Valid values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING and ERROR.
@@ -75,7 +78,7 @@ should give you access to the complete handbook,
.Dl info gnunet-c-tutorial
will give you access to a tutorial for developers.
Depending on your installation, this information is also available in
.Xr gnunet 7 and
.Xr gnunet-c-tutorial 7 .