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gnunet\-statistics can be used to set a value by giving the options
\-n, \-s and also a VALUE.
.IP "\-c FILENAME, \-\-config=FILENAME"
Use the configuration file FILENAME.
.IP "\-h, \-\-help"
Print short help on options.
.IP "\-L LOGLEVEL, \-\-loglevel=LOGLEVEL"
Use LOGLEVEL for logging. Valid values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING and ERROR.
.IP "\-n NAME, \-\-name=NAME"
Each statistic has a name that is unique with in its subsystem. With
this option, the output can be restricted to statistics that have a
particular name.
.IP "\-p, \-\-persistent"
When setting a value, make the value persistent. If the value used to
be persistent and this flag is not given, it will be marked as
.IP "\-s SUBSYSTEM, \-\-subsystem=SUBSYSTEM"
Statistics are kept for various subsystems. With this option, the
output can be restricted to a particular subsystem only.
.IP "\-S SEPARATOR, \-\-csv-separator=SEPARATOR"
Specify a separator for generating csv-output.
.IP "\-t TESTBED_PATH, \-\-subsystem=TESTBED_PATH"
When running testbed, you can get statistics of all peers with specefying the
folder containing the data of all testbed nodes like \fBgnunet\-statistics -t /tmp/testbedARtmQv\fP.
.IP "\-v, \-\-version"
Print GNUnet version number.