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IDENTITY: Expose encryption based on identities on CLI
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.Nm gnunet-identity
-.Nd create, delete or list egos
+.Nd maintain (create, delete or list) or perform actions with egos
.Op Fl C Ar NAME | Fl -create= Ns Ar NAME
@@ -34,11 +34,14 @@
.Op Fl d | -display
.Op Fl e Ar NAME | Fl -ego= Ns Ar NAME
.Op Fl h | -help
+.Op Fl k Ar PUBLIC_KEY | Fl -key= Ns Ar PUBLIC_KEY
.Op Fl m | -monitor
.Op Fl p | -private-keys
.Op Fl q | -quiet
+.Op Fl R Ar MESSAGE | Fl -read= Ns Ar MESSAGE
.Op Fl s Ar SUBSYSTEM | Fl -set= Ns Ar SUBSYSTEM
.Op Fl V | -verbose
+.Op Fl W Ar MESSAGE | Fl -write= Ns Ar MESSAGE
.Op Fl X | -eddsa
@@ -51,6 +54,9 @@ created locally, to create new egos, and to delete
existing egos (the namespace will continue to exist, but it will
be impossible to add additional data to it).
+In addition, it is possible to encrypt and decrypt messages (arbitrary strings)
+using a given public key (for encryption) or ego (for decryption).
Creating a new ego requires using the
.Fl C
option together with an identifier (name) that is to be used for
@@ -72,6 +78,11 @@ Perform "set" operation with the respective ego or restrict "display"
operation to the respective ego.
.It Fl h | -help
Print the help page.
+.It Fl k Ar PUBLIC_KEY | Fl -key= Ns Ar PUBLIC_KEY
+The public key to use for a message recipient. Use together with
+.Fl W .
+The recipient can obtain the desired ego's public key using the "display"
.It Fl m | -monitor
Run in monitor mode, listing all ouf our egos until CTRL-C is pressed.
Each ego is listed together with a unique pointer value; if
@@ -83,6 +94,12 @@ keys. The second column shows the public key, the third column shows the
private key.
.It Fl q | -quiet
Be quiet, in particular outputs only the public key when listing egos.
+.It Fl R Ar MESSAGE | Fl -read= Ns Ar MESSAGE
+Decrypt (read) a message using the respective ego private key. Use together with
+.Fl e .
+The message consists of an ephemeral key and the ciphertext, separated by a dot.
+Such messages can be created with
+.Fl W .
.It Fl s Ar SUBSYSTEM | Fl -set= Ns Ar SUBSYSTEM
Perform "set" operation for the specified
@@ -95,6 +112,13 @@ This will fail if
does not yet exist.
.It Fl V | -verbose
Be verbose, in particular outputs the public key of freshly created egos.
+.It Fl W Ar MESSAGE | Fl -write= Ns Ar MESSAGE
+Encrypt (write) the given message for the identity given with
+.Fl k .
+The output contains an ephemeral message public key and the message separated
+by a dot. The entire line needs to be transferred to the recipient, who can use
+.Fl R
+to decrypt the message.
.It Fl X | -eddsa
Use EdDSA instead of ECDSA.