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@@ -17,19 +17,18 @@ names to be mapped to their GNS zone. Names are made available on a
First Come First Served basis (hence fcfs). Registered names do not
expire. The HTTP server is run on the port that is specified in the
configuration file in section "[fcfsd]" under the name "HTTPPORT".
-The key of the zone in which the names are registered must be
-specified under the name "ZONEKEY" in the same section. It is
-possible to manage gnunet\-gns\-fcfsd using gnunet\-(service\-arm) by
-starting the daemon using "gnunet\-arm \-i fcfsd" or by setting
-"FORCESTART=YES" in the "fcfds" section of your configuration.
+It is possible to manage gnunet\-gns\-fcfsd using
+gnunet\-(service\-arm) by starting the daemon using "gnunet\-arm \-i
+fcfsd" or by setting "FORCESTART=YES" in the "fcfds" section of your
+configuration and the "-z ZONE" in as the "OPTION".
An FCFS\-zone is run at GNS users are
encouraged to register their zone with the FCFS authority.
If you want to run your own FCFS registrar, you need to first create a
-pseudonym (using "gnunet\-identity \-C NAME"), and then assign it to
-be used for the "fcfsd" service using "gnunet\-identity \-e NAME \-s
-fcfsd". After that, you can start the FCFSD service (possibly using
+pseudonym (using "gnunet\-identity \-C NAME"), and use it with the
+"-z" option. After that, you can start the FCFSD service (possibly using
@@ -46,7 +45,9 @@ ERROR.
.IP "\-v, \-\-version"
Print GNUnet version number.
+.IP "\-z EGO, \-\-zone=EGO"
+Specifies for which EGO should FCFSD manage the zone.
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