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Determine our GNS name for the given public key (reverse lookup of the
PKEY) in the given zone.
+Sets record set to values given in RECORDLINE. This option can be specified multiple
+times to provide multiple records for the record set. Existing records under the
+same label will be deleted. The format for the RECORDLINE is
+"TTL TYPE FLAGS VALUE" where TTL is the time to live in seconds, TYPE is the
+DNS/GNS record type, FLAGS is "(N)ORMAL", "(S)HADOW" or "(P)UBLIC". The VALUE
+follows the usual human-readable value format(s) of DNS/GNS.
.IP "\-s, \-\-shadow"
Create a record that is a shadow record. Shadow records are only used
once all other records of the same type under the same label have