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@node Minimal configuration
@section Minimal configuration
-GNUnet needs a configuration file to start (@pxref{Config file format,,,configuration}).
+GNUnet needs a configuration file to start (@pxref{Config file format}).
For the @emph{single-user setup} an empty file is sufficient:
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@c * Vocabulary:: Vocabulary
* Installing GNUnet:: Installing GNUnet
* Using GNUnet:: Using GNUnet
-@c * Configuration Handbook:: Configuring GNUnet
+* Configuration Handbook:: Configuring GNUnet
* GNUnet Contributors Handbook:: Contributing to GNUnet
* GNUnet Developer Handbook:: Developing GNUnet
* GNU Free Documentation License:: The license of this manual
@@ -137,6 +137,10 @@ Using GNUnet
* reclaimID Identity Provider::
* Using the Virtual Public Network::
+Configuration Handbook
+* Config file format::
GNUnet Contributors Handbook
* Contributing to GNUnet::