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manipulate GNUnet configuration files
+.Op Fl b Ar BACKEND | Fl \-supported-backend= Ns Ar BACKEND
.Op Fl c Ar FILENAME | Fl \-config= Ns Ar FILENAME
.Op Fl f | \-filename
.Op Fl h | \-help
@@ -44,6 +45,8 @@ manipulate GNUnet configuration files
can be used to read or modify GNUnet configuration files.
.Bl -tag -width indent
+.It Fl b Ar BACKEND | Fl \-supported-backend= Ns Ar BACKEND
+Tests whether the specified BACKEND is supported by the current installation. The backend must match the name of a plugin, i.e. "namestore_postgres" for the Postgres database backend of the "NAMESTORE" service. If the BACKEND is supported, gnunet-config will return a status code of 0 (success), otherwise 77 (unsupported). When this option is specified, no other options may be specified. Specifying this option together with other options will cause gnunet-config to return a status code of 1 (error).
.It Fl c Ar FILENAME | Fl \-config= Ns Ar FILENAME
Use the configuration file FILENAME.
.It Fl f | \-filename