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@@ -310,7 +310,10 @@ Now you have to edit {\tt peer2.conf} and change:
\item{\texttt{SERVICEHOME} under \texttt{PATHS}}
- \item{Every value for ``\texttt{PORT}'' (add 10000) in any section (if \texttt{PORT} is enabled, may be disabled using "\#") }
+ \item{Every (uncommented) value for ``\texttt{PORT}'' (add 10000) in any
+ section (the option may be commented out if \texttt{PORT} is
+ prefixed by "\#", in this case, UNIX domain sockets are used
+ and the PORT option does not need to be touched) }
\item{Every value for ``\texttt{UNIXPATH}'' in any section (e.g. by adding a "-p2" suffix)}
to a fresh, unique value. Make sure that the \texttt{PORT} numbers stay
@@ -462,8 +465,10 @@ disconnect from the service with the provided service handle (\texttt{op\_result
\exercise{Find out how many peers you can run on your system.}
-\exercise{Find out how to create connections from within {\tt run} and create a
- 2D torus topology. Then use the DHT API to store and retrieve values in the
+\exercise{Find out how to create a 2D torus topology by changing the
+ options in the configuration file.\footnote{FIXME: Sree Harsha: need to
+ document configuration file options on and add link here!}
+ Then use the DHT API to store and retrieve values in the
\section{Developing Applications}