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* REVOCATION Subsystem::
* File-sharing (FS) Subsystem::
* REGEX Subsystem::
+* REST Subsystem::
@end menu
@node Developer Introduction
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to create a search strings file from the previously created
regular expressions.
+@cindex REST subsystem
+@node REST Subsystem
+@section REST Subsystem
+@c %**end of header
+Using the REST subsystem, you can expose REST-based APIs or services.
+The REST service is designed as a pluggable architecture.
+To create a new REST endpoint, simply add a library in the form
+The REST service will automatically load all REST plugins on startup.
+The rest service can be configured in various ways.
+The reference config file can be found in
+@end example
+The port as well as Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) headers that
+are supposed to be advertised by the rest service are configurable.
+* Namespace considerations::
+* Endpoint documentation::
+@end menu
+@node Namespace considerations
+@subsection Namespace considerations
+The gnunet-rest-service will load all plugins that are installed.
+As such it is important that the endpoint namespaces do not clash.
+For example, plugin X might expose the endpoint ``/xxx'' while plugin Y exposes
+endpoint ``/xxx/yyy''.
+This is a problem if plugins X is also supposed to handle a call to
+Currently, the REST service will not complain or warn about such clashes so
+please make sure that endpoints are unambiguous.
+@node Endpoint documentation
+@subsection Endpoint documentation
+This is WIP. Endpoints should be documented appropriately.
+Perferably using annotations.