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-integrate identity service with dns2gns (#3010)
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A DNS\-to\-GNS proxy using gnunet\-dns2gns is available at ""
+If you do not want to specify a public key and are the owner of the zone that gnunet\-dns2gns will use for GNS lookups, you need to first create a pseudonym (using "gnunet\-identity \-C NAME"), and then assign it to be used for the "dns2gns" service using "gnunet\-identity \-e NAME \-s dns2gns". After that, you can start the dns2gns service (possibly using gnunet\-arm) without specifying a public key using "\-z".
.IP "\-c FILENAME, \-\-config=FILENAME"
@@ -37,10 +39,13 @@ Authoritative DNS suffix to use. This is the name under which the GADS ".zkey"
.IP "\-v, \-\-version"
Print GNUnet version number.
+.IP "\-z PUBLICKEY, \-\-zone=PUBLICKEY"
+Use PUBLICKEY for the zone to resolve GNS names in. The PUBLICKEY must be encoded in the text format which can be obtained using gnunet\-ecc, seen in PKEY records and output by gnunet\-identity. If this option is not specified, the default ego associated by gnunet\-identity for the "dns2gns" subsystem will be used.
Report bugs by using Mantis <> or by sending electronic mail to <bug\>
-gnunet\-gns\-fcfs(1), gnunet\-gns(1)
+gnunet\-gns\-fcfs(1), gnunet\-gns(1), gnunet\-identity(1)