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diff --git a/src/consensus/gnunet-service-consensus.c b/src/consensus/gnunet-service-consensus.c
index 86d056aaf..afbefdc5a 100644
--- a/src/consensus/gnunet-service-consensus.c
+++ b/src/consensus/gnunet-service-consensus.c
@@ -2821,7 +2821,7 @@ construct_task_graph_gradecast (struct ConsensusSession *session,
/* We run this task to make sure that the leader
has the stored the SET_KIND_LEADER set of himself,
- so he can participate in the rest of the gradecast
+ so it can participate in the rest of the gradecast
without the code having to handle any special cases. */
task = ((struct TaskEntry) {
.step = step,