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- Trying to exchange iptables with nft, first shot failed.
- Fixed small bug in UDP communicator. - Fixed bug in DV circle test case - Introduced a default value to wait for a reliability ack. - Introduced a FC retransmission threshold together with a retransmission count. - Introduced a original size value for TransportDVBoxMessage - Checking if we have the root pending messge, when removing the pending message from virtual link. - Added delay value to schedule_transmit_on_queue to wait for retransmitting. - Checking for confirmed virtual link, before routing. - Allow unconfirmed queues or DV routes when doing dv encapsulation for control traffic. - Changed check_vl_transmission to also check window size for DV next hop peer. - Fixed fragment box handling to also handle reliability boxed message which needed to be fragmented. - Fixed completing a message which was not only fragmented but also DV boxed. - Added logic to notify core about a new virtual link using distance vector without having validated next neighbour. - Added logic to create a virtual link to handle flow control messages. - fixed several smaller bugs in fragmentation logic. - Changed logic for adding the next_attempt value of PendingMessage.
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