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- also do UPnP-based (external) IP detection
(Note: build library always, build UPnP service when dependencies like libxml2 are available)
* FS: [CG]
+ - service:
+ + 2-peer perf test does NOT terminate for large (500 MB) files because
+ somehow blocks are not found (suspect: load-based no DB lookup + forward first, no clean up of routing table?)
+ + 2-peer perf test goes WAY over bandwidth limit (i.e. 300 kbps/set, 2 MB/s transfer rate); clearly core does
+ not properly enforce the limit
- library:
+ reconstruct IBLOCKS from DBLOCKS if possible (during download; see FIXME in fs_download)
+ add support for pushing "already seen" search results to FS service for bloomfilter