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@@ -30,14 +30,12 @@ These are the GNUnet design principles, in order of importance:
@item GNUnet must be implemented as
-@uref{, Free Software}
-@c To footnote or not to footnote, that's the question.
-@footnote{This means that you you have the four essential freedoms: to run
+@uref{, Free Software} ---
+This means that you you have the four essential freedoms: to run
the program, to study and change the program in source code form,
to redistribute exact copies, and to distribute modified versions.
-Refer to @uref{,}}
@item GNUnet must minimize the amount of personally identifiable information exposed.
-@c TODO: Explain 'fully' in the terminology section.
@item GNUnet must be fully distributed and resilient to external attacks and rogue participants.
@item GNUnet must be self-organizing and not depend on administrators or centralized infrastructure.
@item GNUnet must inform the user which other participants have to be trusted when establishing private communications.