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@subsection Creating a Business Card
@c FIXME: Which parts of texlive are needed? Some systems offer a modular
@c texlive (smaller size).
Before we can really use GNS, you should create a business card.
Note that this requires having @command{LaTeX} installed on your system.
If you are using a Debian GNU/Linux based operating system, the
@@ -262,6 +261,19 @@ following command should install the required components.
Keep in mind that this @b{requires 3GB} of downloaded data and possibly
@b{even more} when unpacked. On a GNU Guix based system texlive 2017 has
returns a DAG size of 5032.4 MiB.
+The packages which are confirmed to be required are:
+@itemize @bullet
+@item texlive-units
+@item texlive-labels
+@item texlive-pst-barcode
+@item texlive-luatex85
+@item texlive-preview
+@item texlive-pdfcrop
+@item texlive-koma-script
+@end itemize
@b{We welcome any help in identifying the required components of the
TexLive Distribution. This way we could just state the required components
without pulling in the full distribution of TexLive.}