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# This is in the public domain
docdir = $(datadir)/doc/gnunet/
-# NOTE: While GNU makeinfo 6.5 supports --css-ref=URL,
-# makeinfo 4.8 (in NetBSD 8.0, macOS, and maybe other
-# base) does only support --css-include=FILE.
-# The only difference is a shorter html output and
-# in 6.5 the ability to use refs instead of include.
-# We prefer not to break builds in this case, so
-# we use the include version which is backwards compatible
-# and upwards compatible, while the ref variant is neither.
-AM_MAKEINFOHTMLFLAGS = --no-split --css-include=style.css --css-include=manual.css
-# In the 5.x version they added `--split=chapters|sections` in
-# addition to `--split=nodes`.
-# Hold on to your hats: In version 6.5 this is already removed, ffs.
-# GNU Texinfo, please be more consistent than 1 version in switches.
-# This however is compatible to version 5.2. Thanks, I hate it.
-# AM_MAKEINFOHTMLFLAGS = --split=sections --css-ref="../style.css" --css-ref="../manual.css"
-AM_MAKEINFOHTMLFLAGS = --split --css-ref="../style.css" --css-ref="../manual.css"
gnunet_tutorial_examples = \
examples/001.c \