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@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ all kinds of basic applications for the foundation of a new Internet.
* About this book::
+* Contributing to this book::
* Introduction::
* Project governance::
* General Terminology::
@@ -37,6 +38,26 @@ The first chapter (``Preface'') as well as the the second
chapter (``Philosophy'') give an introduction to GNUnet as a project,
what GNUnet tries to achieve.
+@node Contributing to this book
+@section Contributing to this book
+The GNUnet Reference Manual is a collective work produced by various
+people throughout the years. The version you are reading is derived
+from many individual efforts hosted on our website. This was a failed
+experiment, and with the conversion to Texinfo we hope to address this
+in the longterm. Texinfo is the documentation language of the GNU project.
+While it can be intimidating at first and look scary or complicated,
+it is just another way to express text format instructions. We encourage
+you to take this opportunity and learn about Texinfo, learn about GNUnet,
+and one word at a time we will arrive at a book which explains GNUnet in
+the least complicated way to you. Even when you don't want or can't learn
+Texinfo, you can contribute. Send us an Email or join our IRC chat room
+on freenode and talk with us about the documentation (the prefered way
+to reach out is the mailinglist, since you can communicate with us
+without waiting on someone in the chatroom). One way or another you
+can help shape the understanding of GNUnet without the ability to read
+and understand its sourcecode.
@node Introduction
@section Introduction
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@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@ This document is the Reference Manual for GNUnet version @value{VERSION}.
* About this book
+* Contributing to this book
* Introduction
* General Terminology::
* Typography::