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diff --git a/src/curl/curl.c b/src/curl/curl.c
index d89c97176..65e1a7183 100644
--- a/src/curl/curl.c
+++ b/src/curl/curl.c
@@ -545,7 +545,7 @@ GNUNET_CURL_job_add_raw (struct GNUNET_CURL_Context *ctx,
* @param ctx context to execute the job in
* @param eh curl easy handle for the request, will be executed AND
* cleaned up. NOTE: the handle should _never_ have gotten
- * any headers list, as that would then be ovverridden by
+ * any headers list, as that would then be overridden by
* @a jcc. Therefore, always pass custom headers as the
* @a job_headers parameter.
* @param job_headers extra headers to add for this request