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+# This file is in the public domain.
+trap "gnunet-arm -e -c test_gns_lookup.conf" SIGINT
+LOCATION=$(which gnunet-config)
+if [ -z $LOCATION ]
+ LOCATION="gnunet-config"
+$LOCATION --version 1> /dev/null
+if test $? != 0
+ echo "GNUnet command line tools cannot be found, check environmental variables PATH and GNUNET_PREFIX"
+ exit 77
+rm -rf `gnunet-config -c test_gns_lookup.conf -s PATHS -o GNUNET_HOME -f`
+CFG=`mktemp --tmpdir=$PWD`
+cp test_gns_lookup.conf $CFG || exit 77
+which timeout &> /dev/null && DO_TIMEOUT="timeout 5"
+gnunet-arm -s -c $CFG || exit 77
+gnunet-identity -C $MY_EGO -c $CFG
+EPUB=`gnunet-identity -d -c $CFG | grep $MY_EGO | awk '{print $3}'`
+gnunet-arm -e -c $CFG
+gnunet-config -c $CFG -s "gns" -o "" -V $EPUB
+gnunet-arm -s -c $CFG
+sleep 1
+gnunet-namestore -p -z $MY_EGO -a -n www -t AAAA -V $TEST_IP -e never -c $CFG
+RES_IP=`$DO_TIMEOUT gnunet-gns --raw -u -t AAAA -c $CFG`
+gnunet-namestore -z $MY_EGO -d -n www -t AAAA -V $TEST_IP -e never -c $CFG
+gnunet-identity -D $MY_EGO -c $CFG
+gnunet-arm -e -c $CFG
+rm -rf `gnunet-config -c $CFG -f -s paths -o GNUNET_TEST_HOME`
+rm $CFG
+if [ "$RES_IP" == "$TEST_IP" ]
+ exit 0
+ echo "Failed to resolve to proper IP, got $RES_IP."
+ exit 1