AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-24contrib: bump gnunet guix.ng0
2017-08-24doc/Makefile: generate a dummy version.texing0
2017-08-24contrib: bump gnunet guix.ng0
2017-08-24doc: This should add the ability to explicitly only build the documentation.ng0
2017-08-21README: mention the added mandatory dependency on Texinfo.ng0
2017-08-21contrib: the packages need texinfo now.ng0
2017-08-21contrib: bump guix package versions.ng0
2017-08-21contrib: guix-env.scm cheap hack, needs to be fixed.ng0
2017-08-21doc: mixed additions.ng0
2017-08-21doc: install: more @example'sng0
2017-08-21doc: install: New node -> Pre-installation notes.ng0
2017-08-21doc: install: mixed fixes.ng0
2017-08-21doc: install: Remove duplicate paragraph.ng0
2017-08-21doc: install: some item + file fixes.ng0
2017-08-20doc: some svn->git fixes and comments.ng0
2017-08-20doc: dev: became
2017-08-20doc: user: minor changes.ng0
2017-08-20doc: user: Minor fix.ng0
2017-08-20doc: installation: some @file, @emph, @code changes.ng0
2017-08-20doc: philo: Add link to
2017-08-20doc: philo: Add link to
2017-08-20doc: philo: Add links to
2017-08-20documentation: philosophy: Add link to "An Excess-Based Economic Model for Re...ng0
2017-08-20documentation: philosophy: Add link to first paper.ng0
2017-08-20documentation: philosophy: Remove some repeated "The".ng0
2017-08-20guix-env.scm: correct documentationng0
2017-08-19contrib: import of external guix packages repository.ng0
2017-08-19guix-env.scm: Adjust the location of source.ng0
2017-08-19guix-env.scm: Move to contrib/packages/guix/.ng0
2017-08-19default.nix, gnunet-dev.nix: Move to contrib/packages/nix/.ng0
2017-08-18doc/gnunet.texi: Use only "The GNUnet Developers" as author.ng0
2017-08-18AUTHORS: Add Adriano and ng0 to authors for the Documentation.ng0
2017-08-17doc: further fixes.ng0
2017-08-17guix-env.scm: add texinfo.ng0
2017-08-17doc: Makefile: exclude gnunet-c-tutorial.tex from build.ng0
2017-08-17doc: += -> =ng0
2017-08-17guix-env.scm: Small adjustments.ng0
2017-08-17doc: Merge 'gnunet-texinfo' repository into 'doc' folder of gnunet.ng0
2017-08-02no proof-of-work when running tests...psyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
2017-08-02add test_multicast.confxrs
2017-08-02test_multicast: test 12 peers in line and star topologyxrs
2017-07-24fix #5094 as suggested by reporterChristian Grothoff
2017-07-21get psd test to pass on my systemChristian Grothoff
2017-07-18forgot declaration of GNUNET_h2s2lurchi
2017-07-18fix #5107Christian Grothoff
2017-07-18simplify installation of nss plugins in build system, require user(s) to move...Christian Grothoff
2017-07-13add local test againxrs
2017-07-13missing clean upxrs
2017-07-13Merge branch 'master' of ssh://