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2022-01-05-changed my mindv0.16.0-alpha.5Martin Schanzenbach
2022-01-05-add distcheck flagsMartin Schanzenbach
2022-01-04BUILD: gnunet-signatures from ganaMartin Schanzenbach
2022-01-04BUILD: Add gana gnunet-signatures; do not yet copyMartin Schanzenbach
2022-01-04BUILD: Add gana GNS TLDsMartin Schanzenbach
2022-01-04BUILD: Add gana build target for easy updates of generated headersMartin Schanzenbach
2021-10-09BUILD: Add version from git tagsMartin Schanzenbach
2020-01-15remove Taler-specific leftovers, we don't need them anymoreFlorian Dold
2019-12-02rewrite sed logic used in Makefiles and move into dosubst awk script.ng0
include 'bin' and its files in dist files, this is where dosubst is located. While the invocation (passing of the variables) is not optimal (yet, will be changed), this will in the end allow sharing code between Makefiles better, and maybe drop sed usage in the future.
2019-12-01define HAVE_AWK... we require awk for many parts, but for some casesng0
it could make sense to skip it.
2019-12-01check-texinfo.awk: move comments to the moved code.ng0
2019-12-01convert texinfo checks to proper awk script, add detection for awk/gawk,ng0
remove obsolete code.
2019-11-26pretty: fix location.ng0
2019-11-21extend lintng0
2019-11-16addition to previous commit, properly implement make lint.ng0
2019-10-27make uncrustify silent.ng0
2019-10-27impove make pretty nesting.ng0
2019-10-14add yapf to make prettyng0
2019-10-14fix the previous uncrustify commit.ng0
2019-10-14'make pretty' rule using uncrustify, detect uncrustify in configure script.ng0
closes #5904
2019-04-03typoChristian Grothoff
2019-04-03fix disting rulesChristian Grothoff
2019-04-03include lintingChristian Grothoff
2019-04-01add ability to build manpages independent from other documentation choicesng0
2019-03-06top Do not recurse into lint for nowng0
2019-03-06Fix #5631ng0
2019-03-05Add initial check-texinfo rule. Maybe this should be moved to doc later onng0
2019-03-04safety checks for lint-man.shng0
2019-03-04Fix up make rulesng0
2019-03-04Add rule to lint manng0
2019-03-04Add rule to run lint-python scriptng0
2019-03-04Makefile: Add check-bashism top targetng0
2019-02-13fixing EXTRA_DIST issues'Christian Grothoff
2018-06-30fix --enable-documentation optionxrs
2018-03-31Add condition to toplevel Makefile to support building just the ↵Nils Gillmann
documentation. Cornercase for special occasions. Signed-off-by: Nils Gillmann <>
2018-03-31This should almost make it possible to pass --enable-documentation-onlyNils Gillmann
Signed-off-by: Nils Gillmann <>
2018-01-14Makefile,, doc/Makefile: Add the ability to opt-out of ↵ng0
documentation building with --disable-documentation, defaults to --enable-documentation
2018-01-02add README.1stChristian Grothoff
2017-09-30build-process: pass '--enable-documentation' to ONLY build the documentation.ng0
This obviously defaults to NO. Furthermore add DISTCLEANFILES to 'doc/'. Adjust contrib/packages/guix/gnunet-doc.scm to it.
2016-11-08get rid of ChangeLog generation from svn, start new ChangeLog for Gitinitial-import-from-subversion-38251Christian Grothoff
2016-10-13don't build contrib/ when compiling for GNU TalerFlorian Dold
2015-03-07-fix misc disting issuesChristian Grothoff
2015-02-07-bringing copyright tags up to FSF standardChristian Grothoff
2013-09-16- replace deprecated INCLUDES with AM_CPPFLAGSFlorian Dold
2013-06-25-sorry amatus, this breaks the build on other systems and libltdl should ↵Christian Grothoff
simply not be installed as part of GNUnet, that's a bad idea
2013-06-25Another fix for --with-included-ltdl.David Barksdale
2012-08-27updating, removing obsolete hostlist scriptsChristian Grothoff
2011-12-26-fixChristian Grothoff