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2021-11-21Improve gnunet-bcd and update logo used in generated cardsAlessio Vanni
The HTML forms now use a custom CSS instead of importing Bootstrap 4. This new CSS is basd on Bootstrap 5 with some minimal differences to make it look a bit like the older theme. Bootstrap was removed because these pages don't need its full power and also because it was difficult for some text editors to handle the one-long-line minified CSS embedded in the HTML. Since the forms are just a series of label + input elements, using a specific set of directives doesn't add any significant maintenance cost while making editing easiers. A new form to generate a simplified card was added. This card is desgined to reduce the leftover whitespace when some optional entries are left blank in the "full" form, while at the same time giving importance to the QR code containing the GNS address. Its layout can be improved. The simplified form can also be used to generate a PNG picture of the QR code, so that it can be included in other graphical media other than a business card, for example on a flyer or in the signature of a HTML-based e-mail. Generally, the gnunet-bcd service should provide a slightly better user experience, even if it's just to provide different pages for different errors but with a unified style. The logo used in the cards has been changed from the previous "gnu in front of a spiderweb" illustration to the new "gnu-shaped network of peers" image. It is also now a pure TikZ picture instead of being made using PSTricks, because, apparently, there is an incompatibility between the two packages in recent versions which made it impossible to compile the file. As a consequence of the incompatibility between TikZ and PSTricks, the QR code is now generated using the 'qrcode' package. This commit contains some changes to FCFS, but they're just some minor fixes and are unrelated to the changes to BCD.
2018-05-19Restructure contrib folder.Nils Gillmann
contrib/ -> bin/ bootstrap: Use new pogen location and execute it. contrib/openvpn-tap32: Move to contrib/3rdparty/Windows/openvpn-tap32. contrib/gnunet-logo*: Move to contrib/branding/logo/ Delete old patches in contrib, predating git. Move buildbot data to contrib/ci/buildbot, move docker data to contrib/ci/docker. Create contrib/conf and populate it with config files found in contrib and bin. Move gns related data to contrib/gns. delete contrib/ Move contrib/log.php into contrib/web/log.php. Create folder contrib/scripts and use it for most scripts in contrib. Remove trailing whitespace in doc/ Signed-off-by: Nils Gillmann <>