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2018-05-19Restructure contrib folder.Nils Gillmann
2014-03-06- remove debugBart Polot
2014-03-06- fix level selectionBart Polot
2014-03-06- filter peers and components aware of each otherBart Polot
2014-03-06- sort peers and components to ensure consistent orderBart Polot
2014-03-06-add filter by componentBart Polot
2014-02-19- do not mark <pre> backgroundBart Polot
2014-02-19- use <pre> for messagesBart Polot
2014-02-19- reduce button sizeBart Polot
2014-02-17- colorsBart Polot
2014-02-17- fixes, fontsBart Polot
2014-02-17-add colorBart Polot
2014-02-17-add class and peer_id to ajax-loaded rowsBart Polot
2014-02-17- consider peers on level changeBart Polot
2014-02-17- fix all and none buttonsBart Polot
2014-02-17- show only peer rows of active levelBart Polot
2014-02-17- select only level from tr classesBart Polot
2014-02-17- add peer selectionBart Polot
2014-02-17- only hide body rows, leave headerBart Polot
2014-02-17- cleanup level codeBart Polot
2014-02-13- extract peer information for filteringBart Polot
2014-02-13- use AJAX to avoid loading DEBUG messages (breaks firefox by multi-MB log fi...Bart Polot
2014-02-11- changes to web log viewerBart Polot
2014-02-10- Added HTML log viewerBart Polot