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2019-04-06move gnunet-download-manager to contribng0
2019-04-06fix buildng0
2019-04-06add missing filesChristian Grothoff
2019-04-06fix #5676Christian Grothoff
2019-04-06clean up gnunet-bugreport by installing it properlyChristian Grothoff
2019-04-03fix disting rulesChristian Grothoff
2019-04-03contrib/guix: Add zbar as dependency for package gnunet.Hartmut Goebel
2019-04-03contrib/guix: Add package zbar (for gnunet-qr).Hartmut Goebel
2019-04-03gnunet-qr: Update documentation and scripts to changed dependencies.Hartmut Goebel
Requirement python-zbar is gone, and thus the requirement for Python 2.7. Instead development package for libzbar is required now.
2019-04-01gitignore in logreadng0
2019-04-01contrib/scripts/ bashismsng0
2019-04-01contrib/scripts/ bashismsng0
2019-04-01rename filesng0
2019-03-19contrib: Move scripts content to scripts/Makefileng0
Actually build the contrib perl script. Add an m4 script for perl.
2019-03-16Adjust uncrustify.cfgng0
2019-03-16Add contrib/uncrustify.cfgng0
2019-03-10Fix Python code: remove imports from `python-future`.Hartmut Goebel
I missed in 3d6ba937a5a5046b3d531c17691d5d1155daae71 that `future` also provides the modules `past` and `builtins`. Imports of `builtins` can simply be removed for Python-3-only code. `past.old_div` had to be replaces by the "old" div-operatot `//`, while `past.xrange` was unused.
2019-03-10Docs: Remove requirement for `python-future`.Hartmut Goebel
This Python module was used nowhere and would not make much sense either: The code is for Python 3.7 which is the most current version of Python and there is no "future" to "backport" to 3.7.
2019-03-10Cleanup Python code: remove `import __future__`.Hartmut Goebel
All of these only made Python 2 accept some Python 3 language idioms, and the code is Python-3-only.
2019-03-09contrib: install initd filesng0
2019-03-09Fix #5629ng0
2019-03-09drop python-lint.log in lintng0
2019-03-09lint-man: Check for what I just completely fixed. Just in case.ng0
2019-03-04contrib/scripts/ attempt to remove bash extensions, use of 2 ↵ng0
different stat implementations.
2019-03-04safety checks for lint-man.shng0
2019-03-04Add rule to lint manng0
2019-03-04Make contrib/scripts/ usefulng0
2019-03-03Fix: gnurl in version 7.57 still used xzipng0
2019-03-03docker: Fix URLng0
2019-02-28benchmark: fix typoFlorian Dold
2019-02-28benchmark: update collect scriptFlorian Dold
2019-02-28add 0.11 formula for homebrewSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-02-28contrib/guix: Add guix-bug-notice to readme.Hartmut Goebel
2019-02-28contrib/guix: Cleanup guix environment files and README.Hartmut Goebel
- move the docs contained in guix-env.scm to guix/README, - change these docs to only use "--load-path=<gnunet.git>/contrib/guix" and GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH, - delete guix-env.scm and guix.packages.
2019-02-28version bump, update ChangeLog, fix make distChristian Grothoff
2019-02-23portability fix.ng0
2019-02-22gnunet-bugreport: add checks for pkg_add, some fixesng0
2019-02-17add gnunet homebrew formulaSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-02-16fix assertion failure reported in #5578Christian Grothoff
2019-02-15text-only variant of svg logong0
2019-02-12tox.ini: ignore bak filesng0
Signed-off-by: ng0 <>
2019-02-12util: futurize contrib/scripts/terminateng0
Signed-off-by: ng0 <>
2019-02-12util: futurize contrib/scripts/pydifferng0
Signed-off-by: ng0 <>
2019-02-12util: futurize contrib/scripts/gnunet_pyexpectng0
Signed-off-by: ng0 <>