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2018-06-05Add GPL2 licensed openrc service fileNils Gillmann
2018-06-04contrib: rename scripts/ to scripts/gnunet-bugreport and install it.Nils Gillmann
2018-05-27add TODO notes in doc/documentationNils Gillmann
2018-05-26exclude SOA-only zonesChristian Grothoff
2018-05-22+Nils Gillmann
2018-05-22janitor: flake8ismNils Gillmann
2018-05-22pyexpect: flake8ismNils Gillmann
2018-05-22+Nils Gillmann Comment about variable 'li'Nils Gillmann
2018-05-22contrib/scripts/ bump the yearNils Gillmann
2018-05-22contrib/scripts/ indent fixes + commentsNils Gillmann
2018-05-20update ignoreChristian Grothoff
2018-05-20fix partitioningChristian Grothoff
2018-05-19undo hostkey patchChristian Grothoff
2018-05-19python2+3 compat.: contrib/scripts/find_typedefs, gdb-iterate-dll: unicode-li...Nils Gillmann
2018-05-19python2+3 compat.: contrib/scripts/ use futures.Nils Gillmann
2018-05-19contrib/scripts:, small wrapperNils Gillmann
2018-05-19Restructure contrib folder.Nils Gillmann
2018-05-18contrib/openvpn-tap32 content is GPL2 licensed. This is only stated in the zi...Nils Gillmann
2018-05-17contrib: change Dockerfile to more reliable/distributed gnurl sourceNils Gillmann
2018-05-17...and move it to a better named file in thereNils Gillmann
2018-05-17Move hacks.el to contribNils Gillmann
2018-05-17contrib/removetrailingwhitespace: sed the pythonNils Gillmann
2018-05-17Revert "Revert "PEP 237 unified long integers and integers: http://www.python...Nils Gillmann
2018-05-17Revert "PEP 237 unified long integers and integers: Gillmann
2018-05-17PEP 237 unified long integers and integers: Gillmann More 2to3 changes.Nils Gillmann
2018-05-17Merge branch 'master' of Gillmann
2018-05-17some 2to3 + flake8 fixes in contrib/gnunet-chk.pyNils Gillmann
2018-05-17Opportunisticly rename to let its python invokation line be gen...Nils Gillmann
2018-05-17work-around for crypto bug (to be documented more)Christian Grothoff
2018-05-13fixChristian Grothoff
2018-05-13add shell script to convert result of zonewalk to input for gnunet-gns-benchmarkChristian Grothoff
2018-05-10fix test check for TMPDIR: do not throw exception if variable does not existChristian Grothoff
2018-05-10support keys with / in themChristian Grothoff
2018-05-06Switch to $GNUNET_TMP in all configuration files.Nils Gillmann
2018-04-29add option to disable namecache, add velocity calculation and delay correctio...Christian Grothoff
2018-04-03start REST documentationSchanzenbach, Martin
2018-03-05contrib/ flake8ng0
2018-03-05contrib/ flake8.ng0
2018-03-05flake8 gdb-iterate-dll.pyng0
2018-03-05flake8 fixes for pydifferng0
2018-03-03add pin zone, remove obsolete scriptChristian Grothoff
2018-03-032to3 ./contrib/gdb-iterate-dll.pyng0
2018-03-03Removing contrib/ There is no user in the source for this, and it h...ng0
2018-02-25first preparations for GNS mapping arbitrary TLDsChristian Grothoff
2018-01-14Adding my ssh keyDavid Barksdale
2018-01-13added ssh keylurchi
2018-01-08clean up contrib: move 2 guix files to the root level. folder structure will ...ng0