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2013-07-12new hellosMatthias Wachs
2013-07-05-update ignoresChristian Grothoff
2013-06-23Make --with-included-ltdl work.David Barksdale
2013-06-14- more hosts to infiniband :)Sree Harsha Totakura
2013-05-30- patch to reduce transport workload in testbed setupsBart Polot
2013-05-17- script for finding the unique and shared memory used by processesSree Harsha Totakura
2013-05-14new ssh keyMatthias Wachs
2013-05-14- use hostname instead of ip addressesSree Harsha Totakura
2013-05-08- update configSree Harsha Totakura
2013-05-02- supermuc configSree Harsha Totakura
2013-04-21Use safer functions in w32 watchdogLRN
2013-04-16Use a W32 constant in a pure W32 programLRN
2013-04-15-no booleanChristian Grothoff
2013-04-11new helloMatthias Wachs
2013-04-11remove invalid HELLOsMatthias Wachs
2013-04-11Added a valid HELLO for my machineMatthias Wachs
2013-04-04- increase testbed setup timeoutSree Harsha Totakura
2013-04-04- remove hosts with older kernelSree Harsha Totakura
2013-03-31Update w32 buildslave patch to 0.8.6p1, and FINALLY FIX THE DAMN THINGLRN
2013-03-30current working infiniband hostsSree Harsha Totakura
2013-03-22-include source in make distChristian Grothoff
2013-03-22-install tap driver on W32Christian Grothoff
2013-03-22added 32 and 64bit tapw32 drivers for exit and vpn helpers in windowsChristian Fuchs
2013-03-22Fix the buildslave patchLRN
2013-03-19A buildslave patch for our W32 slavesLRN
2013-03-14added my ssh public-keyChristian Fuchs
2013-03-07- supermuc's internal network addressSree Harsha Totakura
2013-03-07- remove unused codeSree Harsha Totakura
2013-03-06SuperMUC testbed configSree Harsha Totakura
2013-03-04- disable DHTSree Harsha Totakura
2013-03-04- do not create ephemeral keys while testingSree Harsha Totakura
2013-03-04-go to more sane ECC curve to be more DoS-resistantChristian Grothoff
2013-03-01-actually run the testChristian Grothoff
2013-03-01- keep dht up to dateBart Polot
2013-02-28- keep regex to HEADBart Polot
2013-02-28update to HEADSree Harsha Totakura
2013-02-27script to prepare tree for pre-ecc testbed compilationSree Harsha Totakura
2013-02-20Assosiate a configuration template while creating hosts. This paves a way toSree Harsha Totakura
2013-02-15Hacks to reduce per-peer load on CPU by increasing transport retransmissionSree Harsha Totakura
2013-02-05-pre-generated ECC keys for testingChristian Grothoff
2013-01-23profiler now depends on config file to give topology optionSree Harsha Totakura
2013-01-23-don't open sockets from consensus dv and lockmanagerSree Harsha Totakura
2013-01-22print dmesg messages with human readable timestampsMatthias Wachs
2013-01-213Christian Grothoff
2013-01-21-python script to compute GNUnet CHK URIsChristian Grothoff
2013-01-14 - kill irrelavant stuffSree Harsha Totakura
2013-01-14- export config from infinibandSree Harsha Totakura
2012-12-12added a copy of the current sources(openvpn-2.1) and a signed copy of the com...Christian Fuchs
2012-11-19omar ssh keyMatthias Wachs
2012-11-16Saner default values for the infiniband regex profiler confMaximilian Szengel