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2019-02-26doc/man: sed the sysconfdir in gnunet.conf.5ng0
2019-02-22adjust mantis urlng0
2019-02-09doc/man/Makefile: rename section7 leftover to new nameng0
Signed-off-by: ng0 <>
2019-01-27in principle finished with #5385, could use some testing...Christian Grothoff
2018-12-04fix TTL parsing in gnunet-namestoreChristian Grothoff
2018-11-13complete implementation of -R, to be tested by rChristian Grothoff
2018-10-27doc/man: More fixes.Nils Gillmann
Signed-off-by: Nils Gillmann <>
2018-10-26Start fixing the man pages via linting and style.Nils Gillmann
Signed-off-by: Nils Gillmann <>
2018-10-26doc/man/5,1: in SEE ALSO mention that the main documentation is maintained ↵Nils Gillmann
in texinfo format as well as two optional section 7 manuals. Signed-off-by: Nils Gillmann <>
2018-09-07doc: start work on mdoc generation supportNils Gillmann
Signed-off-by: Nils Gillmann <>
2018-07-01more timeout code movingChristian Grothoff
2018-07-01move gnunet-timeout to src/util/, fix issues related to #5375Christian Grothoff
1984-04-04-docs: the world ain't all male IIpsyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
1984-04-04rename FORCESTART into IMMEDIATE_START (#4547b)psyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
1984-04-04AUTOSTART renamed into START_ON_DEMAND (#4547a)psyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
2018-06-23rename USER_SERVICE into RUN_PER_USER. thx, tg (#4548a)psyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
2018-06-23rename USER/SYSTEM_ONLY into START_USER/SYSTEM_SERVICES (#4548)psyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
2018-06-16statistics-cli: rename csv-parameter, update manpageJulius Bünger
2018-06-16statistics-cli: add -t for printing statistics of testbed nodesJulius Bünger
2018-06-07add -z option to gnunet-namestore-fcfsdChristian Grothoff
2018-05-10add option to bump lifetimeChristian Grothoff
2018-05-05man: gnunet.conf.5: Document GNUNET_TMPNils Gillmann
Signed-off-by: Nils Gillmann <>
2018-05-04Follow-up commit to format most of the other man pages code.Nils Gillmann
Signed-off-by: Nils Gillmann <>
2018-05-04Format gnunet.conf.5Nils Gillmann
Generally the GNU version of man formats man pages to be terrible to read (beyond 80 characters per line), this doesn't mean we have to make the source code of the man page(s) terrible to work in. When a line is 400 characters long, I don't want to compare 400 characters to see the difference. Signed-off-by: Nils Gillmann <>
2018-05-04gnunet.conf.5: Typo fixesNils Gillmann
Signed-off-by: Nils Gillmann <>
2018-05-02misc improvements to statistics and large-scale behavior of ↵Christian Grothoff
2018-04-30remove remarks about obsolete gnunet-gns-importChristian Grothoff
2018-04-23optimize memory consumption of zoneimporterChristian Grothoff
2018-04-23fix transition to multi-server in cmd line for gnunet-zoneimportChristian Grothoff
2018-04-23move to @ for empty label, fix empty-label resolution bug in GNS API, ↵Christian Grothoff
install gnunet-zoneimport and add man page
2018-03-05migrate gnunet-dns2gns to new .gnu-less GNS APIChristian Grothoff
2018-03-05update gnunet-conversation to match .gnu-less GNSChristian Grothoff
2018-03-05add convenience API to gnunetgns libChristian Grothoff
2018-03-03eliminate .gnu from GNSChristian Grothoff
2017-11-01properly document gnunet-ecc options in man pageChristian Grothoff
2017-09-30See attachmentChristian Grothoff
-- Naomi Phillips 5F90 BE04 8090 3AFB 2DED CF7A 89F2 1B16 F041 E630
2017-06-04add -x option to gnunet-ecc for #4629Christian Grothoff
2017-04-13Rewrite gnunet-datastore to dump to a fileDavid Barksdale
2017-03-08upstyle gnunet-cadet docspsyc://loupsycedyglgamf.onion/~lynX
2017-01-10fix misc compilation issues in nat-autoChristian Grothoff
2017-01-07remove dependency on old NAT logic from gnunet-transportChristian Grothoff
2017-01-07was testedChristian Grothoff
2017-01-06separate service for autoconfiguration from NAT traversalChristian Grothoff
2017-01-05pass section name instead of specific option via IPCChristian Grothoff
2017-01-04move functionality of publishing namestore zone in DHT from GNS service to ↵Christian Grothoff
new zonemaster service
2017-01-02preparations for proper manual hole punching support in new NAT APIChristian Grothoff
2016-12-25ensure nat clients get notifications on disconnect about 'lost' addressesChristian Grothoff
2016-12-25start to list relevant cases in man page, document current limitationsChristian Grothoff
2016-12-18disambiguate -L option to gnunet-natChristian Grothoff
2016-12-18implement writing of configuration file in autoconfigurationChristian Grothoff