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2019-12-02rewrite sed logic used in Makefiles and move into dosubst awk script.ng0 fix pthng0
2019-11-25chmod +x generated scriptng0
2019-11-25man/produce_html: use shlibng0
2019-11-25gnunet-gns-proxy-setup-ca: fix implementation and describe new changes.ng0
2019-11-23add manpage for gnunet-bugreport as it reached enough complexcityng0
2019-11-09doc/man: Make html generation experimental, fix mdocml build.ng0
2019-10-30doc/*/ remove unnecessary rules.ng0
2019-10-30configure: add mandoc + texi2mdoc detectionng0
2019-10-27doc/man: create better rules for texi2mdoc.ng0
2019-10-27doc/man: Remove duplicate EXTRA_DIST entry for .7ng0
2019-10-16follow-up to ce63ca3ca49d8a4dc741cd014601584e3d5cfe54ng0
2019-10-16*.1: syntax (\- -> -)ng0
2019-10-16gnunet-ecc(1): syntaxng0
2019-10-16clarify gnunet-arm(1) more and add syntax.ng0
2019-06-27update gnunet-gns man pageSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-06-22implement #5771Christian Grothoff
2019-06-15updated manpage of gnunet-identityrexxnor
2019-06-14gnunet-namestore.1: line-length fix, ignore mdoc linter according to what pre...ng0
2019-06-14gnunet-identity.1,gnunet-namestore.1: unescape dashes where they createng0
2019-06-14add option to display private keysChristian Grothoff
2019-06-10add option to pass private key via environment variableChristian Grothoff
2019-06-04TODO in doc/manng0
2019-05-30un-texify the man pages headers.ng0
2019-05-14man: formatingng0
2019-05-14man gnunet-datastoreng0
2019-05-12forgot man page, minor build changesSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-05-12RECLAIM: Add manpageSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-05-09capital V for verboseChristian Grothoff
2019-05-09man pages.ng0
2019-05-09gnunet-identity.1 style changes.ng0
2019-05-09add -q option to restrict output to just the public keyChristian Grothoff
2019-05-09allow using -e as filter on ego listChristian Grothoff
2019-05-08make generated ego key available in continuation when creating egosChristian Grothoff
2019-04-23man: license headersng0
2019-04-23(wip) improvements to gnunet.conf.5ng0
2019-04-23doc/man: bunch of fixesng0
2019-04-21gnunet-nat-auto.1: lintng0
2019-04-21gnunet-testing.1: lintng0
2019-04-21gnunet-auto-share.1 styleng0
2019-04-20try to address #5660:Christian Grothoff
2019-04-20Remove gnunet-download-manager. Fixes #5682ng0
2019-04-20gnunet-publish.1: syntaxng0