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2019-04-02man: testingng0
2019-04-02man: timeoutng0
2019-04-02man: gnunet-transport-certificate-creation.1ng0
2019-04-02man: transportng0
2019-04-02man: unindexng0
2019-04-02man: uring0
2019-04-02man: fix and adjust uring0
2019-04-02man: fix and adjust vpnng0
2019-04-02man: fix and adjust zoneimportng0
2019-04-02man: ats: fixes.ng0
2019-04-02man: gnunet-arm: Extend manpage, add missing functions, etc.ng0
2019-04-01just in caseng0
2019-04-01#5616 - finish. fix texi2mdoc generationng0
2019-04-01Merge branch 'dev/ng0/5673_5616'ng0
2019-04-01Fix typoNaomi Phillips
2019-04-01handbook: fixes and comments in prefaceng0
2019-04-01add ability to build manpages independent from other documentation choicesng0
2019-03-18pindexs + formatng0
2019-03-18remove useless commentsng0
2019-03-18preface: removed fixed TODO notes, add XXX notes, adjust content, fix grammar.ng0
2019-03-18Add note about recent gnunet-gtk changesNaomi Phillips
2019-03-15index page, forgot to commit this spacing changeng0
2019-03-14one more for the roadng0
2019-03-14remove the single tab in texinfo we hadng0
2019-03-12update man entry for gnunet-configSchanzenbach, Martin
2019-03-11gnunet-nse.1: follow standardsng0
2019-03-11fix typong0
2019-03-10Docs: Remove requirement for `python-future`.Hartmut Goebel
This Python module was used nowhere and would not make much sense either: The code is for Python 3.7 which is the most current version of Python and there is no "future" to "backport" to 3.7.
2019-03-10make html in doc/man using mandoc (sans Toc feature)ng0
2019-03-10trailing whitespaceng0
2019-03-10Update docs to reflect more gnunet-gtk changesNaomi Phillips
2019-03-09Updates to handbookNaomi Phillips
This fixes some outdated references to the `gnunet-gtk` application in the docs, replacing them primarily with references to `gnunet-namestore-gtk`.
2019-03-09do not delete the man fileng0
2019-03-09gnunet-gns-proxy-setup-ca.1: Fix comment styleng0
Signed-off-by: ng0 <>
2019-03-09man: B preceding IP is wrong.ng0
2019-03-09gnunet-ats.1: lint. Add license.ng0
2019-03-09gnunet-arm.1: lint and licenseng0
2019-03-09Fix copyright headerng0
2019-03-09gnunet-zoneimport.1: lint.ng0
2019-03-09gnunet-zoneimport.1: lint. Add license. Document more options in synopsis.ng0
2019-03-09gnunet.conf.5: Lint. Add Copyright and history.ng0
2019-03-09make no creation time the defaultChristian Grothoff
Here is a new version of gnunet-gns-proxy-setup-ca. Most of it still needs debugging, but it works. This ought to be extended in the future. Man page created.
2019-03-08Merge branch 'master' of
2019-03-08Fix report by snowie wrt manpage linking.ng0
It should be LN_S instead, but since I am halfway through rewriting the script and almost done with the actual manpage let's skip the symlinking.
2019-03-07updated the flags for ascensionrexxnor
2019-03-06Add gnunet-nse.1ng0
2019-03-06style fix in gnunet-scrypt.1ng0