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2019-03-09Updates to handbookNaomi Phillips
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2019-03-09gnunet-gns-proxy-setup-ca.1: Fix comment styleng0
2019-03-09man: B preceding IP is wrong.ng0
2019-03-09gnunet-ats.1: lint. Add license.ng0
2019-03-09gnunet-arm.1: lint and licenseng0
2019-03-09Fix copyright headerng0
2019-03-09gnunet-zoneimport.1: lint.ng0
2019-03-09gnunet-zoneimport.1: lint. Add license. Document more options in synopsis.ng0
2019-03-09gnunet.conf.5: Lint. Add Copyright and history.ng0
2019-03-09make no creation time the defaultChristian Grothoff
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2019-03-08Fix report by snowie wrt manpage linking.ng0
2019-03-07updated the flags for ascensionrexxnor
2019-03-06Add gnunet-nse.1ng0
2019-03-06style fix in gnunet-scrypt.1ng0
2019-03-06doc: First attempt at linking a manpage for gns-proxy-setup-ca. Real solution...ng0
2019-03-06handbook: Refer to distributors as what they are, a group of distributors rat...ng0
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2019-03-03clarify more depsng0
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2019-03-03notes on 0.9ng0
2019-03-03installation: this is no longer 0.9ng0
2019-03-03installation: couple of fixes in configure switchesng0
2019-03-03gnunet.conf.5: remove misleading old SERVER config for hostlist section, add ...ng0
2019-03-03doc/doc.h: Fix URLng0
2019-03-01user handbook: Grammar correction.ng0
2019-02-28add missing documentation filesv0.11.0Christian Grothoff
2019-02-26doc/man: sed the sysconfdir in gnunet.conf.5ng0
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